Historically, the Caribbean coast has been known for the tropical glamour embodied by a few exclusive beaches. From the Cuba of the 1930´s to the Saint Thomas of the 1960´s on the Casa de Campo’s beaches, this area has been the center of attention of the world’s elite. During the last decade this glamour has been reflected in a City known for it´s upcoming sophistication and unique atmosphere: Cartagena de Indias. It was right here that Martín Pescador was born a brand that personifies the fine balance between classic and contemporary that Cartagena has achieved. MP hats, a signature lifestyle product of the brand, are carefully hand- woven for 15 days by out local artisans, in an age – old tradition that we take pride in preserving and sharing just as we do with the magical eco – diversity of our paradisiacal location. The natural fibers present in our shirts, shorts and most of our items reaffirm our commitment to creating a line that is truly inspired by the topics. Hats, pompoms, filigree and “chumbes” are artistic manifestations from different regions of Colombia. These pre – Hispanic processes, which have been practiced since 4000 BC. Are now combined with the latest design techniques in order to achieve a perfect blend between classic a contemporary influences. As a result, not only do we have beautiful products but also a meaningful story.

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